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Frequently Asked Questions

When are entries due?

Entries must be submitted by Friday, December 2nd.

Who is eligible?

Any student of EDMES may participate!

How does my child enter?

Once your child decides to participate, please review the Categories and Rules pages for general information on each Category.  Detailed official rules and entry guidance should be reviewed prior creating your entry.


Once the entry is completed, the artist will download and complete the Entry Form.   The artist must complete the artwork Title, Details, and Artist Statement independently.  Parent and Student signatures may be typed into the entry form.

Once completed, review the official Participant Rules and Category Rules to ensure each submission meets all rules.  Entries that do not meet all rules will be disqualified.  

Submit your entry electronically before December 2, 2022.

What happens after my entry is submitted?

Entries will be divided into Division (Primary, Intermediate, Special Artist) based on grade level.  Entries for each category will be judged and the top three entries will be selected.

The top three entries from EDMES in each Division and Category will progress to be judged at the the NH State level.  Winner at State level will progress to Nationals.

Does EDMES ever have students go to National level?

Yes!  In 2019, one of our EDMES students placed first at States and went to Nationals!

How will entries be judged?

All PTA Reflections program entries are judged on three criteria:

  1. Interpretation of Theme (40 pts.)

  2. Creativity (30 pts.)

  3. Technique (30 pts.)

Interpretation of theme is evaluated from the Artist Statement.

Notice how heavily “Interpretation of Theme” is weighted? This is what makes the National PTA Reflections Arts Program unique. A well-developed concept is more important than technique. If two entries are tied, the entry with the higher score for interpretation of theme receives more recognition.

We usually have a reception at Coffee Factory.  Will that happen this year?

This has yet to be determined. Stay tuned for updates!

Can my child enter more than one category?

Yes!  They may enter as many categories as they would like.

Okay, but my child wants to enter multiple times in one category.  Can they do that?

Yes!  Let's say your child wants to enter a drawing, a sculpture, a piece of jewelry, a photo collage, and a painting.  All of these may be submitted as separate entries in the Visual Arts category!

Is anything being done differently this year due to the pandemic?

There will be some modifications this year due to the pandemic.  First, all entries will be submitted virtually.  Entries may be submitted electronically.  Please read official rules to ensure all requirements are being met.

Families must retain the original copy of the artwork in the event that the artwork places at State level.  Please do not discard your original artwork!  It is recommended to store the artwork protected in plastic, such as a plastic page protector.

In lieu of hand-signed entry forms, typed names will be accepted for Student Signature and Parent Signature on the Entry Form.

Whether in-person events, such as the reception at The Coffee Factory, will be held in 2022 has yet to be determined. Stay tuned for future updates!

What if I can't submit my child's entry virtually?  Are they not able to participate?

If you are unable to submit your child's entry virtually, please contact

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to this year's Reflections Chairperson, Chrisse Santos,

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